This is the page where we give updates about our older rabbits and post  the updates about our little ones in there new homes. If you would like to send us an update about your little one email me! I love to hear stories about how our little ones are doing:).

Second Place!

Last night I took Blue up to a show in Riverton, Ut to see how he would do. He took second place in his category! I was very proud of him with it being his first show I thought he did pretty well:) The judges said that he had a nice head and a beautiful color. They said the only real fault he has is flat shoulders.

We finally got him!!

We finally drove up to Honeyville and got our  new buck! We named him Blue. He is just a cutie! He is the sweetest thing and loves to be cuddled with! He is the perfect poser! He loves to pose! We have already taken him to a 4H class and we decided to enter him in our county fair on September 6! We can't wait to see how he does! He also is a little adventurer. He loves to explore everything! We are so glad to add this little guy to our herd:)