Rabbit Care

Now that you have your new bunny here are a few tips to make your bunnies life and your life so much easier...


Food and Treats

We have been feeding you bunny IFA Rabbit food. They have been eating it sence they were about 4-3 weeks old.(I would not recommond Pet Smarts rabbit food.) Occasionally I will add a little bit of oats or sunflower seeds to there feed too or we would feed them some Cheerios. (They love oats and Cheerios!) If you have any timothy hay that is very good for your rabbits and they love it! We give our rabbits some everyday.  We always let them run around on the grass and they love grass and clover! That is one of all of our rabbits favorite treats, grass and clover! They will eat that all day long! But when feeding your rabbits grass and colver you have to be very careful to not feed your bunny lettuce! LETTUCE IS VERY FAITAL TO YOUNG RABBITS!! Any rabbit under six months old that eats lettuce will die. So please be careful to not feed your bunny lettuce. And try to avoid vegtibles too. Salt Licks are also very good for them.

This is the Timothy Hay I use. It is important to feed your rabbit this. It is an important part of their digestive system.

This is the IFA rabbit food I use. It comes in a 15lb bag. Photo Credit: Larsenslops.com


Toys are very important to your bunny. Some bunnies live in small hutches and never get let out to play an the grass. They can get very board just sitting in their cage! So to make you bunny live a fun and essiding life you can add some toys for your rabbit to play with. Our rabbits love  toilet paper rolls to toss  around. They play with those everyday! There are many toys you can make out of toilet paper rolls too but if you want to keep it simple just pute the toilet paper roll in there. But make sure all the toilet paper is off! We let our rabbits out on the grass everyday so they can get the exsersize they need. It is very important to us that our rabbits stay active and healthy! Bunnies love to chew on sticks! But you got to be carefull about what kind of tree the stick came off of, some can be very deadly. We give our rabbits apple tree sticks with the leafs on it too. They love the leats also! Cat and bird toys can be used for your rabbit to toss around. If you rabbit has a toy it will make there life so much more exciding!

This is a simple toy you can make out of toilet paper rolls


Your bunny has been living outside for all its life. So it is use to the outdoor weather. We do not keep our bunnies in a shed or anything like that so they don't get any ac or heating. So if you are planing to keep your bunny outside that is good. We do sometimes when it gets really sold during the winter we put a blanket over their cages and when it gets really hot we will put something frozen like an ice block of a frozen waterbottle. If you are keeping your bunny outdoors their cage needs to have a roof. It is best if the roof has shingles but as long as it has a roof your bunny should be okay. Your rabbits should also have some room in its cage to jump around.

If you are planing on having your bunny be an indoor rabbit that is great! But our rabbits are not litter box trained! So you will need to teach your rabbit if you want it to be littler box trained. I don't think it is very hard. I am sure that your bunny will love to be inside just as much as he would love to live outside. If your bunnies cage is going to be small make sure you let them out. They need lots of exsercize! Sence you have your rabbit indoors it is okay to not have a roof but it is good it you have a box your bunny can hop in and out of. They love to go inside their box if somehting scares them or if they just want a dark place.

This is a good indoor cage. Photo Credit: bunnyrabbit.com

This is Peach's cage. It is hand built. It can kind of give you an idea of what an outdoor cage is like. The box on the left is Peach's nestbox. It is also hand built.


This should be enough information to get you started. If you have any questions or need any help please email me. I will be happy to help!