We have babies!

At around 12:45 today, 4/16/2014, Peach gave birth to two live babies! This a small size batch for Peach but we are very grateful that she was able to have them. One of the two is a darker color. The other one is pink.  I am thinking the pink one is a peanut, so it probably won't make it long. The dark one, however, is doing good. It seems to be healthy. We are keeping our figures crossed it will live!

Peach should be pregnant!

We breed Peach on March 16 to our Honeyville Hollands Blue. These babies will be purebred! We should get some cool colors in this litter. I am expecting to get some chocolates and maybe some sable points and fawns. She will be due on April 16th. If you might want one of these babies let me know to get on my waiting list!

Peach's previous litter